About us

PERGOROOF manufactures world-class retractable Pergola awning systems, Zip-Screen outdoor and retractable awning blinds all around the United States. The main advantage of our company is adding value to your architectural point of view and offering the most functional solutions. PERGOROOF re-designs motorized awning systems under the brand name of PERGOROOF. Pergola awning is the product of a lasting, aesthetic and minimalist effort that provides solution to problems of every season through special motorized awning system, inspired by the constructive, analytical and the universal energy of the art. With pergola motorized awning systems, PERGOROOF provides ideal protection in any weather conditions. The special fabric used in the systems, offer you the best way to benefit from outdoor areas including garden, balcony, terrace or a patio by providing a strong protection against heat, rain and wind. Additional variety of closing systems can be applied to the original pergola motorized awning system where the whole place can be fully converted into a closed space. Pergola awning systems produced by PERGOROOF, is designed to be easily opened and closed with its special tensioning system and automate rail awning structure, which offers new perspectives on life. Due to astonishing combination of LED lighting at custom awning fabric and retractable ceiling, the difference between the day and night is eliminated, creating liveable atmosphere at any time during the day.