Live smart in all seasons

PERGOROOF® produces high-end motorized retractable pergolas and awning systems. We offer high quality and long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable products which allows full use of patios, terraces, and backyards all year around. We use our products for Commercial and Residential applications. PERGOROOF® products are built with UL® rated premium quality materials.

PERGOROOF® on Commercial applications (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes…)
Prevent rainy days from ruining your business and increase seating capacity during rainy and sunny days with our motorized retractable awning systems. No more moving customers inside when it starts raining. Let your customers experience joyful and pleasant outdoor atmosphere unlike any other. And see your business grow!

We aim to provide fast solutions to changing customer needs by providing functional and quality products. With the power of our experienced architects and engineers, we offer architectural solutions for all kinds of projects. Our experienced and dedicated team will run your projects smoothly from A to Z.

Professional Installation
We provide professional installation of all our systems. There is no job too big or too difficult for our professional team of PERGOROOF® installers.

Smart Home capability & Voice control
PERGOROOF® can integrate with most smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa ™, Google Home ™, etc. With Smart Home features, you can protect your patio from bad weather conditions, whether you are away at work or on vacation. Another advantage of Smart Home features is the benefit of letting you enjoy controlling your PERGOROOF® with Voice control.

Safety sensors (Sun/Rain/Wind)
Automatically protects your patio when sensors detect increase in wind speed, or in the sun’s intensity, or if starts raining.


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